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“She was not paid enough for her knowledge and experience, I was stunned with how thorough and precise in how she immediately knew what was what and how to proceed. I was also was impressed with her willingness to listen. Thank you!”

- Andrew

“Miss Franklin always accepted my calls and letters promptly, she was always available and ready to work for me. Miss Franklin really understood me and as a person and honestly felt like she never looked at me as a criminal. I am happy with my sentence, it could have been a lot worse however I am content. I have already been letting everybody know coming into this facility know about Miss Franklin.”

- Jose

“She was not paid enough for her knowledge and experience, I could not have asked for more than what she gave to me. She was everything I needed in a lawyer and counselor in law. She asked all the questions needed to be asked and more. She seems interested in getting to know me as an individual so she could best serve my legal needs.”

- Roberto

“I want to tell her thank you for all the hard work. Thank you for the extra time you put in for my OKC Stuff. Great Job! Way to go!

- Ray

“She covered every angle of my case. She answered most of my questions before I even had a chance to ask them.”

– Morgan

“You went above and beyond what you had to do for me. I felt honored to have you as my attorney.”

– Johnny

“She was extremely caring and understanding of the situation I was in and treated me as though I was her best friend, so I felt. She is the best attorney around I feel. She is very respected as well as liked and trusted by myself and my family. She was interested in everything I said, I would highly recommend her and no others and tell others that she is the best you would ever find. She is a spectacular and friendly person. Thank you so very much for making my life so much easier and stressless you have no idea how much happier you have made me.”


“I would recommend her to all people who need a great person and attorney.”

– Tyrell C.

“Ms. Franklin explained everything clearly and did not stop until everything was mutually understood. She was very honest, supportive, and helpful.”

– Taylor

“I was worried about my case. I would call and e-mail her on the weekends and at all times of the night. She always got right back to me in a very timely manner and never got annoyed, even though I must have been very annoying at times. She took the time to explain all my options and laws pertaining to my case. She sincerely really cares about her clients, which in my knowledge is a rarity in the law business. She was very professional, hardworking, and in turn seems very respected among other lawyers, prosecutors, and judges.”

– Shawn