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Drug Crimes Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Federal and State Drug Conspiracy Defense

Attorney Marna Franklin is a trusted criminal defense attorney who serves clients in Oklahoma City, Norman, Chickasha, Shawnee, and Edmond, Oklahoma. With experience with federal and state drug conspiracy cases, she is qualified to take on a range of legal areas to assist in critical legal matters. These cases are typically multi-defendant cases with multiple counts with high mandatory minimum prison sentences, depending on alleged drug weights and a defendant’s criminal history. More often than not, the Government issues an Indictment after months of investigation that includes multiple wiretaps and other investigative tactics such as the utilization of undercover buys, obtaining cooperating witnesses, and other surveillance. In defending someone in these complex cases, it is crucial to properly evaluate the government’s case and investigation, as well as to conduct an independent investigation in order to determine what factual defenses may or may not exist. Clients should require that the attorney they hire be ready, willing, and able to invest the time and effort required for effective and zealous representation given the nature of the government’s case.

Charged with a Drug Offense?
A critical part of successfully defending any federal drug conspiracy charge is an effective pretrial motion strategy. Motions addressing insufficiency of the Indictment, the suppression of evidence based on illegal search(es), as well motions to address the failure to preserve exculpatory evidence have proven effective in obtaining relief for an accused client. Further, properly determining the anticipated sentencing guideline range based on an individual’s conduct within the scope of the conspiracy is critical. Through diligent efforts in evaluating the case, motion practice, and consultation, the best course of action is discussed and determined by a thorough discussion between the attorney and client.

In both State and in Federal Court, Franklin Law Firm, P.C. has successfully defended those accused of Drug Conspiracy by either obtaining a reduction in the charges or even outright dismissal of charges once weaknesses of the Government’s case are exposed.

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